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Simply put, Domestications is America's Authority in Home Fashions.

What makes them the authority? Their staff. For more than 20 years, they've helped their customers create their dream homes -- quickly, easily and always with an eye toward value. Their experienced buyers travel the world looking for the latest ideas in bedding, rugs, window coverings, dinnerware and more. From Milan to Hong Kong and all across the United States, their team is always searching for the best products at the lowest prices.

And that's not all! What makes them truly unique is their Design Studio. Their Design Studio has a resident staff of artists and designers and freelance artists in France, Japan, Great Britain, Italy and New York. They look for the latest trends in both fabrics and designs and develop innovative and exciting items that are theirs alone -- you'll find them only in the Domestications catalog and on their site. Home decorating enthusiasts who know the Domestications name know and love them especially for these exclusive patterns!

Finally, their design staff has spun their dreams into the Studio Collection®, luxurious designer-quality bedding ensembles with top-quality details like 200-thread count, deep-pocketed sheets that fit even the deepest mattresses, and oversized, overstuffed comforters with piped edges and special sewing details. They also offer matching pieces such as accent furniture, window coverings, rugs and lighting for a completely coordinated look. With all the attention to detail and quality, you'd expect to pay much more for these exclusive items.

So, whether you're creating a fun bedroom for your child, a haven for your teenager or a relaxing retreat for yourself, you'll find just the decorating solution you're looking for in their print catalog or on their site. Enjoy!

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